An Experiment

Website Goals and Objectives

So this is a bit of an experiment, something new.

To be honest, the idea of having much of a public presence, let alone writing a blog is a terrifying concept for me. I am a writer. I love to write. I get up early every morning and write until the rest of my life intervenes. But I do not share my writing. At least I haven’t for the last 6 years.

Before that, I did.

When I graduated college, I heard that in order to publish a novel I needed to  publish short stories . So I diligently set about writing short stories and submitting to literary journals. As anyone who has submitted work knows, this is a time-consuming and soul-sucking activity. For those of you who haven’t drug yourself through the process, it involves several unpleasant activities, including but not limited to lots and lots of rejection, doubt, and other time-consuming activities.

After going through this process for a year I discovered that this was a lot of non-writing related work for someone who really wanted to be writing novels in the first place. More importantly, I was not convinced that it was making me a better writer.

So I made the conscious decision to stop submitting, and focus instead on reading the things that I thought would make me a better writer, writing consistently, and discovering new techniques and methods for improving my craft. At this point I stopped sharing my work with other people and decided I didn’t need to be published. Just to write really well would be enough. If I could write something I was proud of that should be enough.

The problem is, I never got to something I was really proud of. I kept reworking, rewriting, reshaping. In the meantime, I lost the tolerance for rejection that I had built over that year of submitting. So now there was fear mixed in my denial to let people read my writing.

When you work in a vacuum for so long on something you start to lose sight of things: like that stories are meant to be shared, that I missed the joy of being able to give someone something that they enjoyed, something that I had created, that while you can take yourself far on your own, you need others to help pull you up, point out what you can’t see. There is certainly a give and take here. You need to put in the time, and do the work on your own. But it’s hard to overestimate the importance of feedback, peers, and sharing your passion.

So, now I’m trying something new. I am going to start sharing my writing again. This website is one piece of that journey, publishing is another.

There are plenty of other writing sites out there. I won’t pretend that this website is going to be unique, or that I am an authority on writing. However, I am honestly and consistently trying to learn about writing and to improve. Therefore, this website’s first goal is to share my writing research, lessons learned, and journey with the thought that it might interest and help other writers, readers, listeners, and story lovers. The second is to share my work with you, even as it evolves, with the hope that we can learn from and bring a little more joy to one another.

So I’m sure I’ve whipped the trolls into a frenzy or maybe I’ll just be TLDRed to death, but you have to start somewhere.

Hello world, experiment commence!

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